The topics are usually related to … They are (in order): Personal Choice, Campus …
Give yourself 15 seconds to prepare your response. In this guide you will get help with your TOEFL speaking practice by teaching you how to answer new and old speaking topics and giving you free TOEFL speaking test questions … TOEFL iBT Speaking test records your speaking by computer; then your answers will be rated by human examiners.

About the TOEFL Speaking Section. It takes 20 minutes in total and contains six questions. The TOEFL Speaking section has four questions.
They have been carefully crafted to show you the ideal … Directions: You will now be asked to give your opinion about a familiar topic.

These TOEFL Speaking topics and sample answers were updated in 2020 and reflect the new version of the TOEFL test, which changed in 2019. You are given either 45 or 60 seconds to answer each one. Then record yourself speaking … Speaking Practice Set 1 Independent Speaking Practice (Explain a Choice): Question. TOEFL Speaking Practice: Free Speaking Test Questions and Learning How to Answer New & Old Speaking Topics.

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