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With the HDR-AS30V Action Cam, Sony has all but caught up to GoPro in terms of image quality, at least when recording in the highest quality settings.

Mountain-biking downhill at breakneck speed at dusk? Some products may not be available in some regions. Helpful. Sony HDR-AS30V. HDR-AS300 / AS200V / AS50 / AS100V / AS30V* / AS20 / AS15* HDR-AZ1 * If you use HDR-AS30V or HDR-AS15, update the camera's system software to the latest version. Exmor R™ CMOS sensor with enhanced sensitivity. Sony HDR-AS20. Bring on the action with the only mountable camera that captures it all in legendary Sony video quality. Sony is one of the companies that offers a somewhat more affordable action cam and it’s good enough to the point that Sony didn’t bother offering an updated model. Description; Specs (29) Video (15) Options (5) Prove yourself. One person found this helpful.

Sony Full HD AS30 Action Camcorder with GPS ... Take Full HD video, even underwater, with a Zeiss lens and Exmor R sensor. Manufacturer SKU HDRAS30VE 11-09-2013. GPS sensor (HDR-AS30V only) Connector cover (Mic) jack Expansion connector CHG (Charge) lamp HDMI OUT jack Multi/Micro USB Terminal Supports Micro USB compatible devices. The Sony HDR-AS20 is one of the six action cams in Sony’s current lineup. Sony Action Cam-HDR-AS30V - action camera - Carl Zeiss overview and full product specs on CNET. About the Sony HDR-AS20. This action cam is known as the Sony HDR-AS20. HDR-AS30 - Full HD, Carl Zeiss Tessar, Exmor R CMOS, Wi-Fi, NFC, SteadyShot, GPS, Memory Stick Micro/Micro SD, HDMI. SteadyShot for smooth footage, plus NFC and Wi-Fi ... nessuno si avvicinerebbe all'acquisto della Sony HDR-AS30V. It is also mostly evenly matched with the GoPro in terms of features, but has an edge when it comes to image stabilization, the … The Sony HDR-AS30V ships with a ruggedized, waterproof housing with universal tripod mount that is built to handle extreme environments, allowing you to concentrate on safety and composition while capturing Full HD videos. Kayaking at dawn? Your footage is still going to look great, thanks to the low-light sensitivity with improved image clarity and drastically reduced grain provided by Sony’s Exmor R CMOS sensor. Read more. アクションカムhdr-as50シリーズ単品カタログ(2,528kb) アクションカム総合カタログ19年春号(8,867KB) デジタルビデオカメラ アクションカム サイトマップ

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