Andrew France created a patch in this thread, where the validation is done in memory.. class Author has_many :books # Could easily be made a validation-style class method of course validate :validate_unique_books def validate_unique_books validate_uniqueness_of_in_memory( books, [:title, :isbn], 'Duplicate book.') Related methods. There are many ways to validate your data before saving into your database and here i will list down the 4 main ways to validate the data in Rails. Validations not working on complex DB transaction Showing 1-8 of 8 messages. Rails provides several built-in helpers which will cover most of the validation part, Rails will also allows you to create your own custom validation methods. The validate is not working. Class methods (28) any_migrations? We want to check if each user has unique uuid, so we execute SELECT query for each record, it gives us 100,000 queries. 使用validate进行表单验证时土方法(appendTo) ... 今天同事问我关于rails transaction,如果有多个不同表回滚,如何做。我告诉他,就嵌套着写多个transaction,而且十分坚定的告诉他:只写一个是绝对绝对 … The trick with on: :create and on: :update works because Rails by default does the job of providing the most suitable context. How to … How to implement full text search with PostgreSQL. Jquery Validate Libs Js Charts ... 2014 01 14 Rails Search ... Rails Transaction Rails 5 Refactoring Fat Model Rspec Module Test Ruby Rails Time Date Timezone Unicorn Puma Passenger 2013 11 … Active Record and PostgreSQLThis guide covers PostgreSQL specific usage of Active Record.After reading this guide, you will know: How to use PostgreSQL's datatypes. We create separate SQL transaction for each record - BEGIN … COMMIT block. (>= v4.2.1) current_environment (>= v5.0.0.1); current_version Types of Validations? But that does not mean you are only limited in your code to those two cases which work out of box. validates_uniqueness_of in destroyed nested model rails (4) . The after_create callback is creating an object successfully, and the ... [Rails] Re: Validations not working on complex DB transaction: Carlos Figueiredo: How to use UUID primary keys. It means that Rails needs to connect to database for each record, so we end up with 100,000 connections.

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