>> 1. cisco软件怎么配置ipv6 Link-local地址,cico软件可以对路由器进行配置iv6地址,所以今天就由小编来为大家介绍cico软件怎么配置iv6Lik-local地址。 To check if your device will be able to communicate with the remote device. Whenever other engineers see network engineers during troubleshooting, they think that, network engineers only ping from one node to another.But as you know a network engineer is more than a pingman :) This command is a basic but very useful tool for network engineers to control the reachability of peer node. Ping Command and Ping Command Options.

Symptom: we are unable to ping IPV6 address of the interface on the device 3945 source from the interface of 2951 device. Both the ipv6 address fall in different VRF, and route leaking is done between VRF using BGP. what is the use of pinging?? > ping ipv6 3ffe:1:100::120 compact count 10 PING6(56=40+8+8 bytes) 3ffe:1:100::1 --> 3ffe:1:100::120 !!!!!

2. When we execute IPV4 ping between same source and destination ip it work fine without any issues. 초보 개발 - #IPv6 #Ping 해보기 http://it.devbj.com/post/183948979296/how-to-ping-ipv6-from-windows-and-linux-cli 짤 추가

To check will/is there (be) any loss of data while communicating

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